My name is Lem, welcome to my website!

About Me

Lem - Son Of Gomer

Grew up in the armpit of CA, then moved to the East coast, now married to my soulmate since 2010 and father of 3 perfect children. I spent just over 8 years in the Navy as an Electronics Technician (Surface) where I learned the foundation of my professional background as well as completing my apprentiship through the Department Of Labor. I have then worked in the offshore oil and gas industry since 2012 furthering my experience and learning my trade in Electronics and Industrial Automation. I have spent time in half a dozen colleges and universities taking various classes that interested me although I've never been interested in obtaining an actual degree from any of them. My hobbies besides spending time with family are all sorts of nerdy things, building things with my hands, and utilizing my green thumb.


Life is what we make out of it. If you want something than work for it, no excuses.